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We  are  a  leading  finance  leasing  company  in  Hubei  Province  with  the  longest operating   history   among   Hubei-based   finance   leasing   companies.   According   to Euromonitor International, as at December 31, 2014, we were ranked first with total assets worth RMB1.73 billion. Since our establishment in 2008, we have focused and continue to focus on the financing needs of SMEs in Wuhan  We are positioned to take advantage of the opportunities created by the PRC Government's plan to develop Middle China. As Wuhan and Hubei Province are the regional hub of Middle China, we believe a  lot  of  focus  and  resources  will  be  on  the  development  and  advancement  of  the businesses  and  industries  located  in  Hubei  Province.  With  our  established  reputation and  years  of  experience  working  with  SMEs  in  Hubei  Province,  we  believe  the  future development of Middle China will provide us with many potential business opportunities. 

Over  the  years  we  have  developed  knowledge  and  experience  in  meeting  the financing needs of certain key industries in Hubei Province, including laser processing, plastics, industrial processing, textile and garments and hotel and leisure. SMEs in these key  industries  have  had  continuous  financing  needs  unmet  by  traditional  sources  of financing.  We  expect  that  these  industries  will  continue  to  have  demand  for  finance leases.   In   addition,   under   the   current   economic   environment,   we   believe   the transportation (cars and aircraft), medical device and education device industries have growth potential and have been actively taking steps to enter into these industries. 

Despite the recent slow-down of the PRC economy in general, we have been able to  continue  to  maintain  our  revenues.  We  anticipated  this  slow-down  and  made  the strategic   decision   to   focus   on   developing   our   existing   customers   and   making improvements to our risk management capabilities. In 2014, we employed a prudent and conservative strategy and did not actively pursue the expansion of our customer base. Nevertheless, we did continue to sign new finance leases contracts, including renewal of leases with our existing customers. As a result, we were able to maintain growth in our finance lease receivables portfolio and recorded a small increase in revenues from the year ended March 31, 2014 to the year ended March 31, 2015.