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China RongZhong takes corporate social responsibility as part of its business strategies. It always supports the society and ensures its corporate social responsibility strategies meet the international standards. It also evaluates itself to maximize the effectiveness of its corporate value and meet the expectation of the public and our customers by seizing any available opportunities, developing its own corporate social responsibility strategies and corporate culture and putting them into full execution.
China RongZhong is devoted to becoming an organization which possesses sustainability, effectiveness and value creation. Besides focusing on the operation of financial business, we believe that we have to spread the philosophy of corporate social responsibility to each of our business sectors and consolidate years of practical experience in terms of corporate social responsibility to implement corporate social responsibility policies step by step, as to become one of the best corporate citizen in the society.
We classify our social responsibility into four parts, which include industry, investors, employees and public. These four parts have mutual support and influence which could exert long-lasting effect to Company’s development. 
Sector Responsibility:
Help to Promote the Industrial Economy and the Resurgence of China
Investor Responsibility:
Cooperation for value enhancement and sharing the revenue brought by China’s growth
Employee Responsibility:
Respecting employee values and caring about employees’ growth
Public Responsibility:
Contributing to society and developing a harmonious society