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RZ is Listed in SEHK

Time:2016-01-20The Article Source:Xinhua netViewed:7308

On January 18, RZ headquartered in Hubei declared its listing plan in SEHK, and the official public listing will start on January 28.

According to the plan, RZ will issue 100,000,000 shares at a price of HKD 2.11-2.48 per share, among which 90% will be issued in international market and 10% for public offering in Hong Kong. The public offering will start on January 18 and last for four days, after that, the official public listing will start on January 28 in the SEHK mainboard (stock code: 3963).

It is reported that the Alliance Capital Partners Limited is the exclusive sponsor. Alliance Capital Partners Limited, First Shanghai Securities Limited, Haitong International Securities Limited and Huatai Financial Holding (Hong Kong) Limited are selected as the joint global coordinators, book-runners and lead managers.

Since its foundation in 2008, RZ has focused on the solutions of the financing demands of middle and small sized enterprises in Wuhan and other areas in Hubei Province, and its shareholders include Goldbond Group Holding Company Ltd listed in Hong Kong and the famous Chinese private equity company Hongyi Capital.

According to RZ’s President and Executive Director Xie Xiaoqing, although the overall economic growth speed of China is decelerated, RZ is still able to make an income increasing with multiple vital indexes exceeding those of other lease service providers in Hubei. By adopting a cautious and conservative strategy, the Company has signed more lease agreements or renewed lease agreements with the existing customers, to guarantee the continuous increase of the receivables of finance lease, thus to avoid the risks.

In addition, RZ has established good cooperation relationships with the government of Wuhan and the local governments of other areas in Hubei to expand and grasp the market opportunities to develop the finance lease business when supporting the local economic development.

It is known that RZ is provided with a diversified basic customer group, and its target customers include the customers from the industries as follows: laser processing, plastics, industrial processing, spinning and tailoring as well as hotel and leisure, etc. In addition, the Company is now developing customers in industries with growth potentials including transportation (automobile transportations and airline transportation), medical equipment and education equipment. The Company found the Aviation Department in the last year to engage in developing the lease business about aircrafts, aeroengines and other associated equipment of aircrafts, as well as new energy automobiles.

RZ also has a stable financing channel, and has established close cooperation relationships with several banks. In order to enhance its risk control, it has established a three-level risk management structure composing of the Risk Management Department and the Project Review Committee, and the Group Risk management Committee. Besides, it keeps its capital leverage at about four times of the registered capital, which is much lower than those of the companies engaged in the same industry.

According to Xie Xiaoqing, RZ will keep on concentrating on the creative financial products and services, as well as improvement of risk control. Meanwhile it aims to develop business in other districts that are similar with Hubei when developing the business in Hubei in depth.


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